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Crystals are tools that we can use, not to do the work for us—though it’d be great if they could—but rather to help us tap into our own power. Often, deep down, we know what is standing in the way of our own success. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s a lack of motivation. Whatever it is, we can use the specific properties of certain crystals to open our minds, force us to take responsibility for our faults and lend us the confidence to begin working past them.

For example, a lot of entrepreneurs see slowing down and taking time to re-center as the enemy. The entrepreneur’s mind hates stopping. It’s obsessed with discovering what’s next. This singular focus on forward motion at all costs will often increase a person’s potential for burning out, or rerouting their plan to the point of losing direction. The benefit of working with crystals for prosperity, is that sitting with their energy to breathe and be still, even for a short moment, helps us to get out of our head and ground ourselves in positive energy.

Studies like the one performed at the University of Toronto by John P. Trougakos, show how short breaks after each hour of work can actually increase productivity by recharging the mind back to full capacity. Holding a crystal in peaceful meditation will increase a break’s positive effects the mind. By taking a moment to stop analyzing and processing, and allow yourself to recharge with the energy of selenite harmonizers—heavy rods used to establish balance of body and mind—you can lighten the weight of any stress that might be clouding your thought process. From a calm and balanced state of mind, it’s easier to approach issues and set positive intentions.

There’s a reason that crystal intention setting is very big with industry leaders right now. Research has shown that setting daily intentions can help you to achieve your ultimate goals faster, because they keep you motivated and on track. I use clear quartz, a crystal often used for programming in tech devices, to help me program what it is that I need to achieve by lunch or end-of-day. As the crystal continues to radiate the energy of my intention back to me, it provides a sense of stability and direction that keeps me from getting lost in my endless to-do list. I also suggest setting an intention for your business with pyrite, and then placing it on your desk, so that its energy can be a constant reminder of what you need to do.

When entrepreneurs fail, it is often either because they stopped trusting their initial instincts, or because they became so consumed by an idea, that they lost touch with everything else going on in the world. The act of working with crystals for business success combats these common pitfalls, because it drives you to invest time and focus into trusting yourself. By temporarily stepping out of your work to get back in touch with the calm and present energy of the earth, you can then feed that revitalized sense of peaceful awareness back into your business to benefit your bottom-line.

At the end of the day, crystals are tools to empower us, to ground us and to help us be the best version of ourselves. They are your touchstones whenever you need them, and I encourage you to use them.

Take short breaks throughout the day to hold a crystal in meditation to slow down, re-center the body and recharge the mind back to full capacity to increase productivity.Set daily intentions and goals using Clear Quartz to program what needs to be accomplished by lunch or end-of-day.Set an intention for your business with Pyrite and place it on your desk over your business card so the energy is a constant reminder of what you need to do to achieve success.Always trust your intuition. If you take time to invest in yourself, as well as your business, your bottom-line will continue to benefit.

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