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Know how art can change life

No one wants an empty life. A life lacking in colour, in drama and in story. This time of year can be a time of paralysis. Winter descends and the cold tightens its grip. Hibernation seems to be the best alternative. This is where the power of art becomes integral to moving forward. Dreaming of another time and place is integral to survival. And survival is where this year has began.

Art, in its many forms, can reveal the power that we can acquire through the engagement and understanding of the stories behind art. For this reason, just filling a space in the wall with an image that has no meaning to you undervalues the power and impact that art can have. In fact, the power comes from you taking the risk to surround yourself with Art that inspires you, makes you feel the power that art can have.

Art Offers an Escape From the Everyday

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take in some art to de-stress and inspire you. Idyllic tree-dotted landscapes and water scenes can be especially effective for encouraging relaxation, explains Jacinta Francis at Psychology Today. When you can’t get away to recharge, looking at some nature art or a landscape painting in blues and greens may be the next best thing.

Art Makes Good Medicine

Immersion in art can help you heal. One of the research by a UK-based organization paintings in hospitals found that medical centers experienced an increase both staff satisfaction and patient health and happiness when contemporary art was introduced into the hospital environment. Studies showed that displaying original art in health centers also meant a shorter hospital stay and less medication for some patients.

Art Opens Your Heart and Feeds Your Mind
Looking at art provides an opportunity to exercise critical thinking, experience a renewed self-awareness, and potentially even a deeper connection to others and their experiences, as we share what we feel and try to interpret what we see.

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Working With Art Can Boost Productivity

When you’re designing your office space, adding some art can be a worthwhile investment. Based on research conducted by Dr. Craig Knight at The University of Exeter, Kirstie Brewer at The Guardian reported that people that worked in an “enriched” space decorated with art and plants worked nearly 15% faster than those who worked in more Spartan spaces, and had better health overall. If workers were “empowered,” by allowing them to have a say where the art was displayed in their workspace, their productivity boost was doubled to nearly 30%.

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