Dhokra Art, also known as “Dokra” because it was introduced by the DhokraDamar Tribes who were known for their metalsmith skills and played a historic and important part in this ancient art form of metal casting, which is thought to be a 4500 year old tradition. The process of making the Dhokra artifacts is very time consuming and uses only natural resources. The primary mould is created by mixing different kinds of clay taken from river beds and termite mounds or ant hills. Cow dung and rice husk also play an important part in this process as does the wax which is derived from the Sal tree. Once the mould is prepared and coated with wax, molten metal is poured into the cavity and left for a few hours to get cold, only then can the final stage of finishing and polishing take place. Each Dhokra artifact takes in total 3 to 4 weeks from start to finish and when you see the attention to detail in these pieces, only then will appreciate and understand why. The Dhokra Art form was learnt and the skills and craftsmanship have been passed down over many generations. Each piece created loses the mould within the process, therefore each piece is unique. Here at Vibestash our aim is to keep this ancient, cultural and important historical tradition alive by being proud and privileged to be able to bring you these special, unique pieces of art to your home, so you too can share their beauty and feel their vibes.