Birds Life


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This Dazzling Old Stamped painting is a beautiful example of Indian Miniature Art made by our team of finest artists, they use fine brushes and Colors derived from minerals, plant sources, conch shells, precious stones, gold and silver etc.  This painting depicts a Bird’s life how it starts from hatching an egg that turns in to a beautiful creature.

Availability: Delivered within 15-20 days through regular shipping and 5 to 7 days through express shipping.
Quality:  – 100% Hand painted
Size: Height.33 cm. X Width 23 cm.
Medium: Opaque watercolors
Surface: Four Anna stamped court paper.
Return Policy: 15 Days if ordered as Unframed. Not applicable if ordered as Framed.

Customization?: Yes, this painting is available framed or unframed.


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