Mughal Love Scene


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Here we bring you a perfect example of Mughal Miniature Marble Painting that will sit nicely in any room in your home. This painting depicts a romantic love scene of a Mughal Emperor. It’s full of life and color and gives you a closer look at the rich Mughal lifestyle. Ancient Medieval architecture and beautiful ethnic wears can be seen in this artwork. It’s painted on a round shaped Marble plate. These Marble paintings are a collector’s delight. At Vibestash all the Artifacts we sell are genuinely handmade and they are, by their very own nature rare and unique.


Availability: Delivered within 15-20 days through regular shipping and 5 to 7 days through express shipping.

Size: Height: . Width:

Quality:  – 100% Hand painted

Surface: Marble stone Plate

Medium: Opaque Water Colors

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