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What We Do


Handmade Ceramics

ART is a powerful three-letter word and at the core of vibestash’s beliefs. We know The Power of Art can change the way we think—the way we feel—and is a reflection of our history. Art transcends cultures, languages and socio-economic backgrounds.

As a champion of the arts, we recognize the immense impact art has on Human lives. That’s why we created Stand For The Arts, our signature arts advocacy platform to raise awareness about its positive impact, protect access for everyone and encourage action on behalf of the arts.


Your Best Source of Quality Handmade Goods

We believe that true craftsmanship is total commitment to the moment of creation.
Our vision is to add creativity through brush and share the joy of creativity with our clients
Our focus is quality control to guarantee that the item and item fabricating are steady as well as in accordance with client requirements.
Vibestash has been awarded The Skoda Prize under category of best Indian art company.

Ultra Violet Paintings

An Art that Glow in Dark.

Black light paint or black light fluorescent paint is luminous paint that glows under a black light. It is based on pigments that respond to light in the ultraviolet segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. The paint may or may not be colorful under ordinary light. Black light paint should not be confused with phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) or daylight fluorescent paint.


Miniature Mughal Art

Art that Speaks Ancient History.

Mughal painting immediately took a much greater interest in realistic portraiture than was typical of Persian miniatures. Animals and plants were the main subject of many miniatures for albums, and were more realistically depicted. Although many classic works of Persian literature continued to be illustrated, as well as Indian works, the taste of the Mughal emperors for writing memoirs or diaries, begun by Babur, provided some of the most lavishly decorated texts, such as the Padshahnama genre of official histories. Subjects are rich in variety and include portraits, events and scenes from court life, wild life and hunting scenes, and illustrations of battles. The Persian tradition of richly decorated borders framing the central image (mostly trimmed in the images shown here) was continued, as was a modified form of the Persian convention of an elevated viewpoint.